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Our story

Guided by our mission to cut food-related emissions, we want to raise awareness of how our eating habits affect the climate and bridge the knowledge gap between research and the consumer to empower everyone to make more informed food choices. By putting the power in the hands of you, me, and restaurant chefs, Klimato aims to inspire and make it easy for everyone to do something good for the climate.

The team

Anton Unger


Rebecca Connée

Business Developer Scandinavia

Erik Olsen

Head of Growth

Maren Rørvik

Graphic Designer

Victoria Rodupoulou

LCA Manager

Justin Bauer

Product Designer

Katarina Bickley

Customer Success Manager

Christoffer Connée

Head of Business Development

Henrik Waardahl

Creative Director

Justine Foulquier

Full Stack Developer

William Porter

Head of Sales (UK)

Gioia Zagni

Environmental Specialist

Morgane Willer

Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Niclas Hjertqvist


Want to join us on our mission to fight climate change?