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Climate calculated food the hottest topic at the Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2022

Klimato partnered with Upfield to inspire hundreds of culinary leaders to cook more plant-based and sustainable food.

June 9, 2022

We are excited to share that Klimato was present at this year’s Worldchefs Congress! During four buzzing days we had the chance to meet and inspire the top industry leaders and culinary innovators from all around the globe. And what better way to kickstart the event than climate labelling the welcome dinner! The dinner was sponsored by Violife, part of Upfield, who served delicious and climate labelled food to hundreds of guests.

Why is this exciting news?
Well, this event is one of the most influential culinary events in the world, hosting thousands of top chefs and leaders in the culinary field from across the globe. It is a melting pot of inspiration aimed at raising culinary standards and social awareness through education, networking, competition and sustainability. Klimato played an important role here to educate chefs and people in the restaurant industry about the climate impact of food, by demonstrating how our carbon footprint calculator and climate labels enable chefs to act for the better of our planet.

To accomplish this, we partnered up with Upfield - the largest global producer of plant-based spreads, creams and cheese - to back up the carbon reducing benefits of eating plant-based. By sharing the same mission and vision to inspire people to eat more sustainable food, we successfully opened the eyes of a lot of people who left our exhibition stand astonished by how a dairy-free tiramisu could taste so incredibly good while having half the carbon footprint compared to a traditional one!

The reactions from visitors learning about Klimato and Upfield’s products have been overwhelmingly positive. Even the president of the World Chefs Association himself, Thomas Gugler, said in an interview that “We need to move in this ‘greener’ direction for future generations, not only to have healthier lifestyles, but also to respect nature. People are becoming more aware of the importance of this and we as cooks need to move towards this as well. Together we can make the world a greener and healthier place.”

President of the World Chefs Association, Thomas Gugler, learning about Klimato

When we explained that you can eat 10 plant based burgers for the same climate cost as 1 average beef burger, people didn’t believe what they were hearing. 

“I am mind-blown by the calculator and communication. Us chefs come here to learn about what's happening in the industry and I have never seen anything like this before. This is the future!”

- Human Prasad Limbu, Chef Boulangerie Et Patisserie at The Royal Atlantis

Even though we love to hear all this amazing feedback, we are still humble to the fact that without curious chefs, conscious consumers, Upfield, and all our current and future partners, Klimato couldn't manage this alone. But if we work together, we can all be part of the solution and make a positive change, one meal at a time.

We couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity to inspire so many people and to kick-start this fantastic partnership with Upfield. It’s definitely been a few exciting and insightful days filled with fruitful conversations and we look forward to continuing to bring climate awareness of food to every corner of the world!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy this video summarising Klimato's participation at the event:

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