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The Klimato Carbon Footprint database

We have been developing the Klimato carbon Footprint database since 2019. Now it's finally here!

February 17, 2021

Since 2019, we have developed our own database for carbon footprints of food, The Klimato Carbon Footprint Database. All CO₂e values in Klimato's database are retrieved from research papers and studies applying Life Cycle Analysis, or LCA, which are then combined with models developed internally by Klimato. Together with researchers at IVL Swedish Environmental Institute we have developed the methodology to adhere to the latest research within LCA in the food industry.

Life cycle analysis of food products is an ISO 14040-certified method for calculating CO₂e emissions and other environmental impacts that occur during the production and distribution of a product. This method assesses emissions related to each step of the food product's life cycle, including raw material cultivation, agriculture, processing and transport. The sum of these emissions is the food's final carbon footprint.

Today, the database contains carbon footprint values for a wide range of food products and is currently applicable to products sold in the UK and Scandinavia (with more countries and regions on the way). Read more about The Klimato Carbon Footprint Database, our climate data and scientific processes here.

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