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Klimato’s carbon labels influence global leaders at environmental meeting Stockholm+50

Klimato has once again influenced global leaders to put their action where their mouths are by carbon labelling the menus at the environmental meeting Stockholm+50

June 2, 2022

Klimato has done it again! Our carbon footprint labels have once again influenced leaders and ministers to choose more climate-friendly food when they fuel up during a global climate conference. 

In November 2021, we were incredibly proud to announce that Klimato’s carbon footprint labels were guiding the participants at COP26 to climate-friendly eating during the first ever carbon labelled climate conference. Not only did the carbon labels raise awareness of the climate impact of food and the importance of transforming our eating habits to combat climate change, but it also resulted in immediate climate action and participants choosing food with the environment in mind. 

Now we are doing it again, and this time in Klimato’s home court Stockholm during the international environmental meeting Stockholm+50!

Stockholm+50 takes place on 2nd - 3rd June 2022. It’s an environmental meeting inviting global leaders and Ministers for the Environment from over 100 countries to Stockholm to commemorate the 1972 UN conference on the human environment and to celebrate 50 years of environmental action.

Together with Mässrestauranger, the catering firm of the meeting venue, we at Klimato are very pleased to provide carbon footprint labelled menus to all restaurants and food outlets serving food during the meeting. The labels will guide hungry global leaders to choose dishes with low emissions, and we will follow up the meeting with a climate report of the total carbon footprint of the food served during event, and the proportion of climate-friendly meals (i.e. meals that have a low carbon footprint and contribute to reducing emissions in line with global climate goals).

Delivering delicious climate action

The ultimate goal is for the meeting to act as a springboard to accelerate the implementation of the UN Decade of Action to deliver the UN SDG’s, Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement to achieve a healthy planet. It therefore feels extra special that Klimato’s carbon footprint labels are guiding the participants of the meeting to choose food that contribute to reducing the climate impact from food, as a step to deliver immediate climate action. 

Stockholm+50 is a time for leaders to reflect and act. We are running out of time and urgent action is needed to achieve a healthy planet. The meeting is expected to put forward key actions that leaders, governments and other stakeholders can take to reduce emissions to eventually reach net-zero by 2050. Klimato’s carbon labels are designed to guide people to climate-friendly eating to reach the climate goals and net zero. We hope that our carbon footprint labels can help accelerate the necessary transformation to more sustainable eating habits, because we know that a small change can make a big difference.

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