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The Swedish Taco Friday tradition is getting a climate labelled makeover

​​We’re happy to announce our partnership with Taco Bar! Sweden's first & biggest texmex chain now measure the climate impact from their food. Climate-friendly tacos, anyone?

January 21, 2022

You read that right! The Swedish institution Taco Bar is the latest member coming in to spice up the Klimato Family!

Taco Bar is a 35 year-old household texmex chain known for bringing people together for a casual and tasty experience put together with love and care. We are thrilled to announce that they are taking an important next step in their sustainability journey together with Klimato. From 2022 onwards, Taco Bar will start measuring the carbon footprint of their meals, report food-related emissions on a monthly basis, and increase their efforts to reduce their overall climate impact - one taco at a time.

"We at Taco Bar must take our responsibility for the environment and minimise our climate impact. With Klimato's great tool we're able to not only map out our current food-related emissions, but also to actively work towards reducing them" 

Lars Callebro, CEO at Taco Bar

Since opening their first restaurant in Stockholm in 1983, Taco Bar has been committed to take responsibility for the environment and minimise their climate impact. They are already continuously developing their vegan and vegetarian menu, and since the inception they have been committed to not using single-use cutlery and only prepare food to order to avoid food waste. They are now taking their sustainability efforts to the next level by also measuring and striving to reduce the emissions from their food together with Klimato.

“We’re very excited to work with Taco Bar and support them in their sustainability work. Taco Bar is already committed to sustainability and offers a range of tasty climate-friendly options. Now we’ll be able to highlight their climate benefit, and help them reduce emissions from food, in addition to everything else they already do for the environment!”

Anton Unger, CEO at Klimato 

Taco Bar may be an institution and classic, but they are always striving to improve and develop. Thanks to their efforts for transparency and accountability, Taco Bar are creating a more climate-conscious path for themselves and inspiring Swedes to make climate-friendly adaptations to the Taco Friday tradition. Talk about a climate-conscious taco-ver!

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