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Upfield and Klimato announce planet positive partnership

Klimato and Upfield, the world’s largest producer of plant-based dairy alternatives, have joined forces to drive positive change in people's eating habits.

May 24, 2022

Swedish impact startup Klimato and Upfield, the world’s largest producer of plant-based consumer products, today announce their partnership. A strong driving force behind the partnership has been two companies’ shared vision of a healthier planet and ambition to drive positive, sustainable change in people’s lives.

A positive impact on people and the planet - that’s what both Klimato and Upfield aim to achieve. By joining forces, the two companies hope to inspire more people to make small but impactful changes to their cooking and eating habits, to reduce the climate impact from food. 

Upfield holds several plant-based dairy alternatives in their product portfolio, including brands like Flora, Becel, Rama and Violife. Loved by both consumers and professional chefs, Upfield’s plant-based cream, butter and cheese are delicious, healthy and planet-friendly alternatives to dairy products. All these products are now included in Klimato’s carbon footprint database and available in the Klimato app, meaning that Klimato users can include Upfield’s products as ingredients when they build climate-friendly recipes. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Upfield! Our shared vision of a healthier planet makes Upfield a perfect partner for us, and we are pleased to include their products in our carbon footprint database, so all our users can be inspired to make more climate-friendly alterations to their recipes with plant-based dairy alternatives.”

Christoffer Connée, Head of Business Development at Klimato

To mark the start of the partnership, Klimato and Upfield are exhibiting together at the Fastfood & Café & Restaurant Expo in Stockholm, Sweden, on 24-25 May 2022. During the expo, which is the leading industry event for the HoReCa industries in Scandinavia, visitors to Upfield and Klimato’s joint stand will be able to enjoy a range of delicious, plant-based dishes made with products from Upfield’s different brands. Needless to say, all food served during the expo is carbon footprint labelled by Klimato, to illustrate how plant-based dairy alternatives can make a significant difference on the climate impact of a dish.

We at Klimato are very excited about this partnership! Exhibiting together at the Fastfood & Café & Restaurant Expo will been a great start to what we expect to be a long-term, fruitful partnership that is positive for people and the planet. Together with Upfield we are keeping the planet chill, one plant-based meal at a time!

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