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The restaurants that have partnered with Klimato are leading the way and setting the trend for how to futureproof the food industry and our planet. Simply put, they are trendsetters. This is the space where we shine a light on the amazing chefs and restaurants that we work with to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

ASIA Aker Brygge - perhaps Norway’s most sustainable restaurant

ASIA Aker Brygge is leading the sustainability movement in Norway with their amazing results - a 41.67% decrease in CO2e emissions in just 3 years

COP26 - The first carbon labelled climate conference

Klimato partnered with Levy UK+Ireland to carbon label the food served during COP26. The labels contributed to delegates choosing more plant-based food and helped raise awareness on the importance of changing our eating habits to combat climate change.

Sodexo Oasis Academy Schools in the UK

Sodexo Oasis Academy are serving carbon labelled food to fuel hungry pupils and educate them on the climate impact of food during their lunch breaks. What a fun and delicious way to include climate education in the curriculum!


Eco-friendly restaurant chain Lett are already aligned with the UN’s sustainability goals, by offering a menu of tasty bowls and wraps where every dish has a carbon footprint below 0.5kg CO2e

Cytiva's Lunch Canteen by Sodexo

A creative and dedicated Head Chef (plus leveraging the full potential of Klimato’s solution) is the secret sauce behind Restaurant Björken’s fantastic sustainability journey, where they managed to reduce the average carbon footprint per meal by 60%.

Sodexo’s Restaurant at AstraZeneca R&D Center

Sodexo’s restaurant at AstraZeneca Research & Development Centre in Macclesfield, UK, decreased their carbon footprint per serving by 11% in just 3 months.

Crème Filmhuset

Lunch restaurant Crème Filmhuset has reduced the average climate impact per dish by 29% with the help from Klimato

Bastard Burgers

Sweden's fastest growing burger chain boosts sales of climate smart dishes by 300% - like a bastard!

Want to become a trendsetter yourself?

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