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ASIA Aker Brygge - perhaps Norway’s most sustainable restaurant

ASIA Aker Brygge specialises in tasty Asian food - with a twist. Their food is innovative, delicious and colourful. This passion and love is not only found in the plates but also in their sustainability initiatives - one of which is to be working with Klimato. 

As a company they strive to be as sustainable as possible. How? Well to begin with they source their raw materials locally and from organic production methods. Cutting out single use plastic you say? ASIA did it way before it was cool. Last year they were the first restaurant in Norway to pilot reusable takeaway containers to great success. On top of that, they are the first and only UN certified restaurant in the W-O-R-L-D because they carbon offset all dishes eaten by financing UN-regulated CO2-reducing projects.

Did we say ASIA has a holistic sustainability approach? Well, they do. Adding to the list above, food waste is equally important for ASIA. Everyday, food waste is weighed and reported and staff are engaged in helping guests not to order too much food by scanning each guest to measure their hungriness-level. Okay maybe not really, but they somehow smoothly assist their guests in finding the sweet spot somewhere just before the food coma and food waste category.

No detail is missed, so it made sense that ASIA would get in contact with Klimato back in 2019 to climate label the dishes on their menu. 


The results of our collaboration speak for themselves. The average carbon footprint per meal sold has gone down from 1.2 kg CO2e to 0.7 kg CO2e - a real achievement! A staggering 41.67% decrease in CO2e emissions in just three years!

ASIA uses Klimato to measure their food’s carbon footprint year on year so they can compare and track their progress. Pernille Koppang, Head of Operations and Sustainability understands the importance of tracking your emissions: 

“Measure what you do so you know where to make an impact. It has been one of our northern stars and has been very much of help for us to get that extra motivation to go through with the whole work.” 

- Pernille Koppang, Head of Operations and Sustainability 

Take a look at their 2021 yearly report! Their sales were predominantly low and medium impact dishes which shows that Klimato’s labels do influence consumer choice.

“The whole goal of having the carbon footprint is to inform, not point fingers. We previously had about 30% of red meat sales and now it’s down for 2021 to around 2% of our sales.”

- Pernille Koppang, Head of Operations and Sustainability 

Why Klimato? 

Pernille Koppang and their star chef Karl MacEwan, both keep impressing us with their relentless work to serve more climate friendly food and become a more sustainable business overall. It’s easy to work with food businesses when they are just as passionate about protecting the planet as we are.

Pernille Koppang elaborated: “I think what’s the advantage of Klimato is that they have great knowledge of how the restaurant industry works, so it was easy to start working together because I felt we spoke the same language.”

Chef Karl MacEwan, has found the web-app fundamental for chefs to develop a sustainable menu:

“The tool is quick and easy to use and allows us to verify which ingredients have a high impact. The tool has convinced me now of the impact ingredients have on the world around us and that as chefs we are all stewards for the environment and have the ability to influence and dictate the way food will be viewed in the future.”

- Karl MacEwan, Head Chef

Klimato are always here to help and we want our customers to succeed and pass on their sustainability knowledge to those around them! ASIA are certainly innovators and champions in their field and we can’t wait to see which sustainability initiatives they’ll conquer next. 

But first, check out this video with Pernille Koppang speaking about how Klimato is helping ASIA Aker Brygge in taking their sustainability initiatives to the next level!