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Bastard Burgers

Sweden's fastest growing hamburger chain, Bastard Burgers, increased sales of climate smart meals from 7% to 28% in 2019 through its concept 'Earth Friendly Streetfood' (and also, with a little help from Klimato).

The hamburger chain from Northern Sweden has quickly become a household name all over Sweden, and rightfully so. Their willingness to experiment has not only resulted in a multitude of new tasty beers, but has also introduced a vegan segment that stands by itself.

Bastard Burgers are using the Klimato app to continuously calculate, report and keep track of the climate impact from their burgers. To date, they have reduced the average climate impact per dish by 1kg CO2e, much thanks to the introduction of Beyond Meat and other vegan alternatives to the menu. The result? Bastard Burgers increased the sales of climate-friendly dishes (defined as dishes emitting less than 0,5 kg CO2e) from 7% to 28% during 2019.

To complement the strategy to reduce the climate impact from food served in their restaurants and track their sustainability progress with Klimato, Bastard Burgers are offsetting for all unavoidable emissions through investments in a bio energy project in India, Sri Balaji.

Bastard Burgers are continuing their path to provide 'Earth friendly streetfood' and we are really proud to be part of this journey. We can really recommend you try out their tasty burgers (especially the ones from the vegan menu!). Find a restaurant close to you, order an earth friendly burger and save the planet - like a bastard!