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Crème Filmhuset

Crème Filmhuset, started using Klimato in 2018 and has since seen a great commitment from customers as well as a staggering 29% reduction in average CO2e per dish from 2.8 kg to 1.9 kg!

Lunch restaurant Crème Filmhuset serves classic Swedish dishes with a modern touch. The restaurant, spearheaded by chefs Pär and Jonathan, have been using the Klimato web-app since 2018 to calculate and and climate label the dishes on their menu. The restaurant started off by displaying the carbon footprint of each of their dishes with the Klimato label on their menus. In the Klimato web-app Filmhuset are now calculating each meal’s carbon footprint after which you they retrieve the label which is divided into 'low', 'medium' and 'high' carbon footprint as well as the actual kg of CO2e.

Already after the first couple of weeks, visitors started requesting more climate friendly dishes on the menu and Crème Filmhuset has since made a number of changes on the menu, including switching all their burgers to Beyond Beef.

Our sustainability work has really taken off with the help of Klimato! Thanks to their calculation tool we have raised the awareness of our climate impact together with our restaurant guests. It's really fun!

- Jonathan Petersen, Chef & Founder of Crème Filmhuset

Since September 2019, Crème Filmhuset are using the Klimato reports from the application to track their monthly progress. Their next goal is to reach an average CO2e per dish of 1.5 kg by 2020 and keep working towards a more climate friendly lunch concept.

Want to know more about Crème Filmhuset? Check out their website.