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ForSea - Reducing Carbon Footprint at Sea

ForSea is a sustainable shipping company that operates electric ferries between Sweden and Denmark. The company has been working towards reducing its carbon footprint in various ways, including their food and beverage services. ForSea is a gigantic operation with  between 6-7 million people travelling on their ships every year! Read on to learn about how ForSea's collaboration with Klimato has helped reduce the carbon footprint of the food they serve on their ferries.

The collaboration so far 🤝✨

ForSea's sustainability journey from a food point of view began in 2019, and since then, they have really taken sustainability to heart as one of their core values. In January 2021, the company started working with Klimato to reduce the carbon footprint of the food they serve on their ferries. 

According to Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea, another reason for joining Klimato was due to external pressure and competition: “We are at the forefront of everything to do with sustainability. We do it from within the company, but then there is also pressure from the outside that you should do this as a company. Our customers could easily buy food from shops in Helsingborg before boarding our ferries, so we (and our food) have to stand out. We have to do something that no one else dares to do.”

Their daring has paid off. Today, they are at 0.7 kg CO2e, which is 1 kg under the EU average of 1.7 kg CO2e per dish. Since using Klimato they have reduced their food-related emissions by 22%.

Implementation of Klimato and the carbon labels was easy and smooth and staff have worked hard to make the most of the tool: 

“The tool as such is very easy to use and has been a huge help to us in achieving the goals we have. The staff have easily been able to see which foods are preferred and we have made it easy for our guests to choose the right one.” - Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

The key to their success in incorporating Klimato in such a good way and engaging the staff, is that they embrace this initiative and are curious to make full use of the tool: “Our tip is that it is not only possible to buy a tool and believe that it will do the job in itself, but you also have to work with it.”

Study on the impact of carbon labels on ForSea ferries ⛴

One of the initiatives that helped ForSea achieve these results was the implementation of carbon labels on their menus. To test the impact of these labels, ForSea conducted a study in partnership with Brandenburg University in the spring of 2022. The study involved testing for one week without labels and one week with labels on the menus. 

The results of the study showed that the use of carbon labels helped influence customer behaviour. As a result, the number of people choosing high impact dishes was reduced by 50% and at the same time customers bought more low impact dishes. Additionally, there were higher sales volumes on the week when carbon labels were displayed. The study showed that customers pay attention to the CO2e labels and often comment positively on them, which suggests that carbon labels can have an impact on customers' awareness and engagement.

"The survey is proof that what we do works, which makes me very proud.” - Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

Using the Klimato tool 💻

ForSea are consistent with their monthly reports and proudly display their monthly low emissions for all the staff to see in the kitchen. The staff are inspired and empowered to improve by all the work done internally, such as highlighting results and providing education.

In addition, they have implemented procurement reports (a Klimato tool feature) to help them calculate the carbon footprint of raw materials before ordering them, thus influencing which dishes they should cook.

“As a part of our sustainability goals, we look at the CO2e numbers and having the Klimato sustainability reports makes it really easy for us to track this.” - Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

Sustainability is the way forward 🌱

By working with Klimato, ForSea have been able to reduce their carbon footprint significantly and nudge their customers towards climate-friendly food options. ForSea's sustainability journey is a great example of how large transport companies can coordinate and implement sustainability on a large scale and reap results. They have hit their target to bring down their food’s carbon footprint to half of the EU average. 

ForSea proves that it’s possible to change company ethos and brand image to make a real impact on the climate and fit in with societal demands. 

“We have gone from being a very traditional shipping company where everything looked the same for decades to today having succeeded in accelerating the change and getting the staff with us.” - Alexander Gerencser, Head of Food & Beverage at ForSea

We are inspired by the results, hard work and passion that ForSea has shown by embracing Klimato. We hope you’re also inspired! If so, feel free to contact us to get started on your sustainability journey today 🌍💚