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Setting the trend for planet-friendly eating in Oslo, Stockholm - and since February 2022 also in Copenhagen - are Lett, who together with Klimato can show off a menu where every one of the dishes has a low carbon footprint.

Lett is a salad, wraps and bowls chain, dedicated to making it easy and accessible for more people to eat healthy, nourishing and delicious food. Lett has been part of the Klimato family since 2019, although serving food that is good for you and the planet is something that has always been in Lett’s DNA. Their care for people and the planet is their guiding star, and they continuously strive to improve their food and business operations to cater to this commitment.

It was therefore a natural step for Lett to partner up with Klimato, to calculate the carbon footprint of their dishes, and use the insights of these calculations to reduce the climate impact of all their meals. Lett’s menu today offers a colourful variety where every dish has a carbon footprint of less than 0.5kg CO2e.

"Using Klimato, we have reduced our emissions from the dishes we serve, and we are proud that all of our salads and wraps have a carbon footprint of less than 0.5kg CO2e"

- Ane Nordskar, COO, Lett

This means that dining at Lett is like taking your tastebuds on a journey to the future, seeing that 0.5kg CO2e per meal defines a sustainable diet for how to eat within the planetary boundaries, to reach the UN’s climate goals by 2030. Talk about setting the trend and leading the way for climate-friendly and accountable restaurants!

Climate-friendly menu swaps

Lett are truly dedicated to their goals when it comes to sustainability and being eco-friendly. When deciding to carry out a menu makeover, they used the Klimato tool to help them make it as climate-friendly as possible. This included switching out some customer favourites such as edamame and black rice for ingredients with a lower carbon footprint, all as part of ensuring Lett reach their ambitious climate goals.

"Klimato helps us to make conscious, green choices when choosing which raw materials we want to use at Lett"

- Ane Nordskar, COO, Lett

Sourcing seasonal Swedish and Norwegian raw ingredients - particularly vegetables - has had a hugely positive effect on Lett’s climate impact, and it’s inspired them to come up with creative new flavour combinations that are good for both the planet and your palate. They also make sure to use the whole raw ingredient as often as possible, which also helps to reduce their emissions from food waste.

Lett ahead

But they’re not stopping there; Lett have now set an even more impressive goal, which is that they will be going above and beyond the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and aiming for an average carbon footprint of less than 0.3kg CO2e across their menu. We think it’s amazing that Lett are continuously trying to improve, and ultimately reduce their climate impact even further!

We look forward to seeing their progress, and we’re sure that their amazing work will inspire many more Klimato users to follow in their footsteps.

Want to learn more about Lett?
Visit their website or follow them on Instagram.